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Switchboard operator - Call Routing

Building your own Voice-over-IP server #3

As promised in the previous Asterisk post, today we will read from a database to decide the next action. In order to query a database, we need to install the ODBC (Open DataBase Connector) and configure Asterisk. ODBC ODBC is […]

VoIP Phone

Asterisk: Building your own Voice-over-IP server #2

After successfully setting up our Asterisk server (see, it’s time to create some users and a dial plan. The options with Asterisk are nearly endless if you use your imagination, so I will only be covering some basics, to fuel […]

Zabbix, A network monitoring system. Installing the server.

Zabbix is a networked server and software monitor. It can be used to keep track of multiple physical or virtual private server instances. The client-server model that Zabbix employs allows the cloud server to collect rich sets of data that […]

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